How to Host A Home-Run Family Gathering

The holidays are just a few short weeks away, and it is the time of the year where everyone in the family tree wants to converge at one central point and celebrate their common lineage. Well, if you are the person who has been given the task of hosting the get together, you may feel a little bit or a lot overwhelmed, especially if the gathering will feature a lot of people. Well, here are a few quick-fire tips which will help you achieve that perfect home-run family gathering regardless of the number of people that you will be inviting to the party.

Make a sound plan

This is the first and basic step in hosting a successful party. Think of a date and a location that will work best for everyone. Start picking the dates and informing the attendants in time so that if you land on a date when most people will not be available, you can just adjust it to a time when everyone will be there. Another way that you can make this first and most important decision is creating a small committee to pick dates and places. The beauty of the current world of technology is that you can actually create a WhatsApp or other social media group and hold this discussion with others, regardless of where they are located in the country.

Delegate roles as early as possible

Planning an event is not easy. Even though there will be the temptation to plan it all by yourself to prove your hosting prowess, get help as this will protect you from losing your head during the planning and execution stages of the preparations. If the event will feature 30 people or less, think about allocating the following roles:

· Finance Director: This is the person that will handle all the finances and makes the budgets and purchases for the event.

· Lodging Liaison: There is the possibility that people who will travel from far to come to the event will not have somewhere to be accommodated. It is important to make sure you have a person planning on possible places where they can be accommodated after the event.

· Food director: Food is a central part of a reunion, whether small or large. First, decide whether you will handle the cooking or deal with outside catering. The food director will help come up with a menu, buy the needed items or liaise with the catering company to have the foods ready ahead of the event.

· The entertainment director: A get together is also all about the entertainment. When planning for it, make sure that there is one member of the family making plans about the music that will be played. If it will be a large gathering, they are also responsible to plan the PA system and select an emcee.

Get a backup plan

The biggest secret that all event planners know is that once the event starts rolling, nothing goes exactly according to plan. It is possible to have the catering company cancel at the last minute, the lights could go out at 6 pm and people might fail to show for the get together, even those that have an important role to play. If you do not want your party to be a mess of mistakes, create a backup plan as soon as you start the planning. Every plan that you make for the party should have a backup. Get generators just in case the lights go off, get a second caterer on standby, or a place where you can order food for a large party on short notice; in simple terms, cover all your bases.

Create a plan of activities for the day

The other mistake that people make when they are planning a get together is assuming that once everyone has converged, everything will just flow. The reality is that things can get mixed up when the party starts and everyone has their own agenda. Create a program for the day and let everyone know what the main purpose of the get-together is. Make sure that the event starts on time, as long as you have quorum. Ensure that each of your family members gets an activity which they enjoy in the entertainment itinerary. This will make everyone feel welcomed and create a successful event.

The success of a family gathering depends on how well you plan it. Start long before the event and consult with people who have planned before because they will give you insights into what works well in planning and what does not.

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