2018’s Top Kitchen Essentials

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be filled with gadgets for you to cook yummy food. All you really need are the essentials. When you have the right gear, you’ll be able to cook smarter and simpler, making life easier in general. Collect these 11 kitchen tools for 2018 to free your inner all-star chef.

Cutting Board

A well-stocked kitchen will include a good cutting board. Go with your preferences. A durable, wood-fiber composite type will be dishwasher safe while giving you the solid feeling of natural wood. If you go with a composite, you won’t need to oil it to keep it in good working order. A nice grippy plastic one is another good option. This type of cutting board will protect your fingers when you’re prepping a meal. You can also disinfect a good grippy cutting board in your dishwasher.

Wooden Spoons

You may be tempted to buy a plastic spoon, but a nice wooden spoon will provide more support because the material is stiffer than plastic. This is perfect for mashing and stirring. Wooden spoons are better for your pots and pans because they’re non-abrasive. Yours will last for years as long as you don’t put it in the dishwasher.

Quality Knives

Get a chef’s knife. You’ll need one for most of your prepping needs, so be sure to invest in a nice one and take good care of it. This means that you may need to sharpen it and wash it by hand. Kitchen essentials also include a serrated knife. This tool is best for cutting homemade bread and tomatoes. You should also consider getting a paring knife. It will come in handy for smaller cutting tasks.

Measuring Cups

Cooking requires you to measure ingredients, which means that you’ll need a set of measuring cups. Consider getting stainless steel ones. They’ll hold up for years, and they won’t become stained or scored like plastic ones will. Along with a stainless-steel set of measuring cups, get a few glass measuring containers. Not only can you use them for measuring, but you can also make sauces in them.

Sheet Pans

You’ll use sheet pans for everything from roasting vegetables to toasting garlic bread. They also come in handy for baking cookies and cooking meats. If your kitchen is on the small size, then consider getting half sheets. They’ll do the same job, but you may have to cook up less at a time. These smaller pans are easier to store.


Kitchen essentials include a set of pans. You’ll need a sauté pan for sautéing food items. This kind of pan is especially good for blending pastas together. You should also get a non-stick pan. With this pan, you can cook up pancakes and eggs with ease. A grill pan is ideal for meats and vegetables while a cast-iron skillet will make it easy for you to cook things like frittatas, bacon and fried chicken.


Flipping things is so much easier with a spatula. You’ll need one if you like grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes and hamburgers. They also come in handy when you need to scrape up batter or sauce. A spatula is practically required if you bake french fries on sheet pans. Spatulas are also perfect for turning vegetables and moving cookies to the cooling rack.


A strainer is a kitchen essential that makes life easier when you need to remove liquid from something that you’re cooking. This may include straining pasta from the water you boiled it in or even for washing vegetables and removing fried goods from hot oil.

Prep Bowls

Anyone who likes to cook should have a set of prep bowls in their kitchen. Different sizes are necessary since you’ll be prepping different types of food. Lettuce prep always requires a bigger bowl than you think while small bowls are perfect for spices and food items like chopped onions or peppers. If you have limited kitchen space, then buy a collapsible set.


Our list of kitchen essentials includes a whisk because with one, you’ll be able to blend ingredients together thoroughly. Different whisk sizes are available, so if you blend a lot, then you may want to get two or three of varying sizes.


Tongs are handy because they let you move hot food items from their cooking surface to a plate or a cooling rack.

Kitchen Essentials Make Cooking Easy

When you stock your kitchen with the essentials, you’ll have what you need to cook the foods that you want when hunger strikes. Keeping it to the basics will also prevent you from buying kitchen items that you don’t need, decreasing kitchen clutter.

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