Get Your Fall Exterior Cleanup Done Fast With A Pressure Washer

As Fall approaches and the window for outdoor home maintenance begins to close, you may notice the exterior of your home looking extra dingy and dirty. As Winter creeps ever closer, taking care of exterior home cleaning and maintenance chores can get difficult and can feel insurmountable. Using a pressure washer to knock out some of these cleaning chores can make a huge difference in expended effort and time. A pressure washer can clean the exterior of a home efficiently and more thoroughly than would be possible with manual scrubbing. Some pressure washer models are equipped to apply a detergent solution and then switch to clean water to rinse the grime away. These detergent friendly models are a wise choice for homes that require an intense cleaning. Others rely fully on the high pressure water nozzle to blast grime, residue, and dirt away. Electric and gasoline powered models are available, and it is up to your personal needs and preferences to determine which type to use.

Before pressure washing the exterior of your home, check for anything that could become damaged or get in the way of the process. Clear away fallen leaves, foliage, and anything that gets in the way of direct, all over cleaning. Make sure no exterior power outlets are in use, and close the covers over them if possible. Secure the covers with tape so the high pressure water does not blast them open accidentally. Remove anything that may be too fragile or delicate for the intensity of a power washer. Keep in mind what type of paint the exterior of your home is painted with. Some paint types may hold up differently than others to the intense water pressure. If your home exterior may have been painted before 1978, use a lead paint testing kit to determine if there is lead present. Do not pressure wash a home that is painted with lead paint. Most modern forms of exterior paint can hold up well to pressure washing. Once you’re sure that all hazards and potentially damaged items are out of the way, it’s time to pressure wash.

It is important to use the right tools for the job when pressure washing. If your home is multiple stories, extended spray gun nozzles can help you to reach the upper portions without risking your safety. Generally, it is a good idea to wear eye protection when pressure washing. If you are using a detergent with your pressure washer concrete cleaner, apply it with as little pressure as possible working from the bottom up. Allow it to sit for a few moments, and then use a higher pressure to wash it off from the top down.

This top down spraying method prevents unsightly streaks and makes the pressure washing process more efficient. Because home exteriors encompass a large surface area, a spray gun nozzle that allows for a wide, even spray is ideal. The wider the spray, the faster you can work. Be careful to avoid windows, as the high pressure will break them. Be careful when washing exterior doors, as the water can easily get around the door frame and leak into your home. The pressure washer can also be used on gutters to blast away water stains and stuck on plant matter, completing a polished and spotless exterior home appearance.

Cleaning a home exterior with a pressure washer is easily the fastest method to return your home to a like new appearance, and can also serve as a preparation method for fresh paint. With care, planning, and preparation, using a pressure washer can turn a time consuming and exhausting task into a quick, consistent, and enjoyable one. Taking the time to pressure wash every possible exterior surface in Fall will leave your home clean, fresh, and looking spectacular and ready to show off to guests and neighbors with Winter holiday decorations.

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