Are Professional Organizers Worth The Money (Hint: Absolutely!)

 Organization is all the rage these days. With professional organizers like Marie Kondo putting it on the map, organization is important to making your spaces look clean and tidy. The question is if professional organization is worth the money. We’ll give you a few reasons why getting the boost you need in putting things away will make your space a happier place. 


The rates for organizers varies from place to place. It’s up to you to decide if the rate is worth your time and effort. Think of all the places you need organizing and the hours it will take you to attack those places plus the hours it will take for you to trash, donate and store those items. It can get overwhelming. You don’t even want to think about the best ways to organize those places yourself. Paying an extra few hundred bucks might save you lots of hassle in the end. 

Consignment, Donate or Trash 

A professional organizer will help you decide what doesn’t need to be stored or donated, but actually consigned meaning you get money back in your pocket. To you some items might be a pile of old junk, but to a collector or someone that needs things for projects, your trash is their treasure. This means just because you pay an organizer, you get money back from all of it. The professional can help you decide the other items that need to just be donated, can be saved or just need to be thrown out. You might have a pile of old ink toner cartridges than can be refilled, a plethora of wine corks someone wants for a project and/or a bunch of old decaying candles that can be cleaned out for their wax. A professional organizer can help you go through all of these items and make the best decisions. 

Declutter With A Sound Mind 

If it were left up to just you, think of all the junk you might keep. You might pick up that dress from 1984 and think it’s going to come back in style and you need to keep it just in case. Odds are, you haven’t worn it in decades so even if it comes back, you aren’t going to wear it again. A professional will give you the sound mind that helps you let go. She’ll help you go through pots and pans stacking up that you think you might just use that random pan in the back one day. Odds are, nope, it’s collecting dust. Then the organizer can help you store these pots and pans in a way that looks tidy and makes it even easier to cook. Old papers in your filing cabinet from 30 years ago that you think you just need to keep for some odd reason the organizer can help you decide what you really need then organize these papers in a fashion that if you did need them, they are easy to find. 

A Professional’s Mind 

Not everyone has the mind of a professional organizer. They may put things out in a way that dazzles you because you would have never thought of it on your own. It’s worth the cost when you see your things organized in a way you’ve never imagined, yet it helps you life your life better. One service that comes recommended is The Transitional Organizer, LLC. They are worth checking out should you decide to hire someone. Your mind and space will be decluttered just because someone else came in and fixed it all. If it was up to you, the space might be free of clutter in a sense, but probably not in the best possible way. A professional comes in with a neutral mind not attached to your things and can still help you organize them in the best way possible.

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