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Insomnia – Part 2:
Manage Insomnia and Improve Your Sleep

Find out how you can manage your insomnia and consistently get a good night's rest! Learn how to address insomnia's physical and emotional causes, improve your sleep hygiene, reduce physical arousal, and use cognitive behavioral techniques to manage run-away thoughts.


Miscarriage – Part 2:
Causes and Coping

Most miscarriages are completely out of our control, so please don't blame yourself! Here are tips on how to reduce the likelihood of miscarriage, how to deal with your feelings if you lost a pregnancy, and how long to wait before trying again.


Miscarriage – Part 1:
What Is It? And What Do I Do?

If you’re having bright red bleeding that doesn’t stop and soaks a pad in an hour, you may be having a miscarriage. Even though miscarriage is very common, here are some facts you should know.


Insomnia – Part 1:
Why Can’t I Sleep?

Can't sleep? Learn what causes insomnia, from daytime stresses and life transitions, and see why insomnia increases weight gain, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.


Vitamin D for Height, Heart and Happiness!

Does winter get you down? This will perk you up-Vitamin D may be more  effective at staving off the winter blues than fancy light therapy. With the days getting shorter and the onset of daylight savings time this past weekend, time to inventory your vitamin D. If we get adequate sunlight (at least ten minutes [...]