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Insomnia – Part 2:
Manage Insomnia and Improve Your Sleep

Find out how you can manage your insomnia and consistently get a good night's rest! Learn how to address insomnia's physical and emotional causes, improve your sleep hygiene, reduce physical arousal, and use cognitive behavioral techniques to manage run-away thoughts.


Insomnia – Part 1:
Why Can’t I Sleep?

Can't sleep? Learn what causes insomnia, from daytime stresses and life transitions, and see why insomnia increases weight gain, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.


How Exercise Impacts Stress Hormones and Blood Sugar Levels

My Twitter friend @LolaMcIntyre brought to my attention her blood  sugar goes up when she's stressed.  I tweeted her, it's "because cortisol (stress hormone) increases when stressed". She wanted to know more, the answers were too long to fit in 140 characters, so here's the post. Physical and emotional stress set off a cascade of [...]


Sustainable Weight Loss – Introduction

"Simple Math Program" Mindful Eating Long View One of the most effective ways to reduce your health care costs is to maintain a healthy weight throughout life. People who want to lose weight often try any and every "diet", lose weight, gain it back, and give up in frustration. You can become so intimidated by [...]


Sustainable Weight Loss – Part 3:
The Long View

Now you understand the "simple math" program and the three P's of mindful eating, how do we put the "sustained" into weight loss? What are the rewards for sustained weight loss? More energy Enhanced self esteem Significant health care cost savings Better wardrobe to choose from (you can stride right past that XXL rack in [...]


Sustainable Weight Loss – Part 2:
Mindful Eating

Planning Portion Control Possibilities and Parties Essential to sustainable weight loss is a sustainable eating program. This can be attained through the three P's of Mindful Eating Planning can consist of making a detailed meal plan that adheres to whichever diet you feel works for you; or you can create a list of food options [...]


Sustainable Weight Loss – Part 1:
Simple Math

"Simple Math Program" Mindful Eating Long View I realized in the post on reducing your health care costs I advised you under #4 to control your weight, but didn't give you any concrete tools to do so. So here they are in today's posts "Sustainable Weight Loss: Parts 1-4" You've tried "South Beach", the "Blood [...]


When I was a child I remember my school textbooks and public figures on television referring to the American "citizen". At some point in the 1970's or 80's I stopped hearing the word "citizen" and started hearing the American people referred to as "consumers". A "consumer" is defined* as "a person or thing that consumes"; [...]


How to Get the Most out of Internet Medicine

Even if you find good treatments, they may not always be available to the public. The most recent and iconic example of this I can think of is the use of mifepristone to treat pain and bleeding from fibroids. Why is a cheap, effective drug to alleviate the most common symptoms women experience not available [...]


Breast-feed and Protect Two Hearts at Once

A study published in the February issue of a major ob-gyn journal analyzed data on breastfeeding from the Nurses Health Study. The 89,000 + women who breast-fed over the course of the study time had a 20 percent reduction in heart attack if they breast-fed 23 months or more during their lifetimes. Breast-feeding less than [...]

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