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Is it Baby Blues?
Or Post-Partum Depression?

Eighty-five percent of women experience baby blues; ten to fifteen  percent go on to have post-partum depression. Baby blues typically resolve within six weeks post-partum.; whereas post-partum depression can begin anytime in the first year after delivery. A momentous hormonal shift occurs in the first two weeks post-partum. Imagine this: At the end of pregnancy [...]

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Don’t Panic:
It May Be Hormones!

This post is an excerpt from "Get A Grip On Your Hormones!" You pull up to the grocery store, locate a parking space, but just as you   put your car in "Park" and shut the ignition, you're overcome with a wave of heat. You develop a lump in your throat, your heart begins to race and [...]


Anxiety and Panic:
Early Signs of “Peri-Menopause?”

Peri-menopause is a time of hormone transition for women. Anxiety, panic, and hot flashes are among the first signs. Here are some tips to help you cope with changes as your menstrual cycle winds down.


Optimizing Chances for Pregnancy

You can determine your optimal time to conceive with a few simple tools. The most important of these is tracking your menstrual cycle using a calendar to determine your likely day of ovulation and knowing when you are most fertile. The menstrual cycle is divided into the pre-ovulation phase (follicular phase), ovulation, and the post-ovulation [...]