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In his inauguration speech today President Barack Obama  encouraged us to assume personal responsibility for our lives and ultimately the course of our country. His words inspired me to think of ways we can assume personal responsibility for our health, improve the overall health of our nation and reduce the cost of healthcare. Here's a [...]


DIY Baby!
Your Essential Pregnancy Handbook

DIY Baby eases all your pregnancy worries with the gentle mentoring a a double-insider's view: that of a mother and obstetrician who's delivered over 3000 babies. DIY Baby won the 2008 Silver Mom's Choice Award for the category: Pregnancy and Birth. It also garnered a stellar review from Reader's View, and is a finalist for [...]


False Labor or Real Labor: Which is It?

Early, prodromal, and false labor can be difficult to distinguish from one another. Early labor can consist of regular or somewhat irregular contractions that do soften, shorten, and dilate the cervix. Prodromal labor is the uterus "wishful thinking": regular or irregular contractions that do not produce cervical dilation, but can produce some softening and effacement. [...]


Weird Post-Partum Symptoms

Night Sweats Hot Flashes Vaginal Dryness resulting in... Painful Intercourse Is this premature menopause? No, they are actually normal post-partum hormone changes. While you're breast-feeding your milk hormone (prolactin) suppresses your ovarian hormones (estrogen and progesterone) to near menopausal levels. Normally I don't recommend treating these symptoms unless they interfere with normal function. One example [...]


How to Turn a Breech Baby

At 37 weeks gestation seven percent of babies are breech (bottom down). How does this happen; why this is a problem and what you can do about it? A combination of maternal and fetal factors causes babies to be breech: If you've had multiple full-term pregnancies the abdominal muscles relax. This allows for more fetal [...]


Baby Blues

After delivery your  hormone levels plunge  from that of 1000 ovulating women (at the end of pregnancy) to near-menopausal levels. Before you deliver your brain is awash in a sea of progesterone and estrogen. Your endorphin levels (the body’s “happy molecules”) are high because estrogen and progesterone increase your endorphin levels.  Progesterone and its precursor [...]

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Optimizing Chances for Pregnancy

You can determine your optimal time to conceive with a few simple tools. The most important of these is tracking your menstrual cycle using a calendar to determine your likely day of ovulation and knowing when you are most fertile. The menstrual cycle is divided into the pre-ovulation phase (follicular phase), ovulation, and the post-ovulation [...]