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Insomnia – Part 1:
Why Can’t I Sleep?

Can't sleep? Learn what causes insomnia, from daytime stresses and life transitions, and see why insomnia increases weight gain, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.


Is it Baby Blues?
Or Post-Partum Depression?

Eighty-five percent of women experience baby blues; ten to fifteen  percent go on to have post-partum depression. Baby blues typically resolve within six weeks post-partum.; whereas post-partum depression can begin anytime in the first year after delivery. A momentous hormonal shift occurs in the first two weeks post-partum. Imagine this: At the end of pregnancy [...]

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There have been two approaches to incontinence: surgery and pessaries. Surgery is expensive and risky, while pessaries are affordable and work remarkably quickly. Which should you choose, and why?


Doctor or Midwife:
Which Would You Choose?

Someone asked this question on cafe mom. At the moment I did not have the time to answer it and when I went back I couldn't find the question, so I'm answering it in this post. The short answer is: the initials after a person's name do not signify the quality of care they provide. [...]


Weird Post-Partum Symptoms

Night Sweats Hot Flashes Vaginal Dryness resulting in... Painful Intercourse Is this premature menopause? No, they are actually normal post-partum hormone changes. While you're breast-feeding your milk hormone (prolactin) suppresses your ovarian hormones (estrogen and progesterone) to near menopausal levels. Normally I don't recommend treating these symptoms unless they interfere with normal function. One example [...]


Baby Blues

After delivery your  hormone levels plunge  from that of 1000 ovulating women (at the end of pregnancy) to near-menopausal levels. Before you deliver your brain is awash in a sea of progesterone and estrogen. Your endorphin levels (the body’s “happy molecules”) are high because estrogen and progesterone increase your endorphin levels.  Progesterone and its precursor [...]

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