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Health Care

When I was a child I remember my school textbooks and public figures on television referring to the American "citizen". At some point in the 1970's or 80's I stopped hearing the word "citizen" and started hearing the American people referred to as "consumers". A "consumer" is defined* as "a person or thing that consumes"; [...]


Sustainable Health Care:
What Is It? And How Do We Get There?

In the United States we pay more per person (double) for our health care than in any other nation, yet we get less for our money in terms of prevention of deaths that could have been averted by medical care: From Davis, Karen. Oct 23, 2008 New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) When broken down [...]


How to Get the Most out of Internet Medicine

Even if you find good treatments, they may not always be available to the public. The most recent and iconic example of this I can think of is the use of mifepristone to treat pain and bleeding from fibroids. Why is a cheap, effective drug to alleviate the most common symptoms women experience not available [...]


Can Medicine be Green?

The answer to any question depends on how you define the terms. In this case, how do you define green? What are these people dressed in green doing in such earnest? Obviously some high tech surgical procedure, at the top of the pyramid in medical expenditures. Notice the surgical gowns, masks, hats and patient drapes [...]


In his inauguration speech today President Barack Obama  encouraged us to assume personal responsibility for our lives and ultimately the course of our country. His words inspired me to think of ways we can assume personal responsibility for our health, improve the overall health of our nation and reduce the cost of healthcare. Here's a [...]


Seven Easy Ways to Maximize Your Health Care Dollar

Health care debt is one of the top reasons for families to declare bankruptcy. Here are seven ways to maximize your health care dollar and tame this financial beast: Unless you think you're dying don't go to the Emergency Room. An E.R. visit will cost you a minimum of $1000 just to walk through the [...]