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Get A Grip! On Your Hormones by Dr. Shelley S. Binkley, MD

Make Your Hormones Work For You, Not On You

Get A Grip on Your Hormones by Dr. Shelley S. Binkley, MD

  • Transform your hormones from life-defining to life-enhancing
  • Take advantage of a double-insider’s view and master your hormones

The results:

  • less anxiety
  • more effective interpersonal relationships
  • enhanced creativity
  • fewer mood swings
  • more fun!

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Good News! You have far more control over your hormones than you’d ever imagine. It begins with understanding how your body’s chemicals work and how they affect your thinking and emotions. Dr. Shelley S. Binkley, MD has studied hormones up close and from two viewpoints: her own and that of thousands of women she’s helped through the past two decades. Blending these two sets of experiences with leading-edge science, she offers relief for anyone who’s ever felt sabotaged by their own bodies.

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